Live Sense-ationally!

Connecting to our body’s guiding intuition using our 5 senses and relaxation tools.

These days our live are more hectic than ever with all of the demands and overwhelm from work, family, and every day challenges. However, our bodies are amazing guides that give us all the information we need to live a balanced, stress free life. The problem is that amidst all the stress, demands and “noise” we sometimes get disconnected from listening to and thus being able to use the messages we are supposed to be hearing.

Our body could actually be screaming for our attention and we just wouldn’t hear it.

This powerful workshop focuses on creating a reconnection to our senses. By using the tools of sensory awareness, meditation and mind mapping, participants will be able to invite more calm and joy into their life as they re-learn how to use the body’s guiding intuition.

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Feedback from past participants…

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“I feel wonderful. I will be taking away tools that I will use in my daily life.”


“It’s a 10 in my estimation.”


“Overall experience was calming, collaborative, and filled with peace.”


“It was perfect. You are amazing. You have this inner light– so special.”


Click here to email Joda for all the details of our next workshop