Signature Workshops


The Alignment Advantage

  • Is it taking too much time to make sure your energy is invested in what makes you happy? We may love what we do, but are still faced with the challenge of managing our passions when other priorities – family, health, friends- are in our lives. This workshop is aimed to create useful tools for you to balance it all. See how alignment can provide the clarity to build a successful life on your terms.

Participants will benefit from investing a little “me” time in learning how to:

  • Conduct a “life audit” to see where deficits may be
  • Gain clarity on how to shift imbalances that are effecting you personally and professionally
  • Establish clearly defined goals to shift your plan in a more positive direction

The Happiness Advantage Series

  • Aristotle famously said, “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life…the whole aim and end of human existence.”

Why does it feel like we are striving so hard to be happy? The science of happiness is no longer a fad. New research is coming out everyday on why happiness matters, what is real is happiness, and how to increase your happiness ratio. 

The Happiness Advantage Series delves into: gratitude, optimism, avoiding over-thinking and social comparison, acts of kindness, nurturing social relationships, strategies for coping, forgiveness, increasing flow experiences, savoring life’s joys, commitment to our goals, practicing spirituality, and taking care of your body.

Redefining Success: Why Happiness Matters

  • If we want to really look at cultural change within an organization then the following 12 core principles can have a significance shift on both an individual level, as well as a professional level. 

There would be two parts to this area:

    • “The Redefinition of Success-” it is not just about money, power, and hour lecture, followed by small group intensives
    • “The Happiness Advantage”-One hour lecture and then 4 workshops covering 3 of the Happiness dimensions. 

What’s Next? 

  • Have you hit a fork in the road? The kids have left for college — Now What? You’ve reached the top of the corporate ladder — Now What? You’ll be retiring at the end of the year — Now What? You feel like you’ve put everyone and everything else first and you’re wonder how to get yourself back on the list – Now What? Join us for a six-week program designed to help you answer Now What? Life and wellness coach Joda Coolidge will guide you through taking stock, getting clear, and taking action! 

Live Sense-ationally

  • Connecting to our body’s guiding intuition using our 5 senses and relaxation tools. Live Sense-ationally workshops are targeted to demonstrate how using sensory awareness, meditation, and mind mapping lead to a reconnection to life. In our hectic lifestyles, we often forget about the simple things in life, which bring us genuine happiness. Click here for all the details.


Joda is truly amazing and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to attend one of her workshops. Her gentle voice and warm and caring personality gave me a deep sense of comfort. She was able to create an environment allowing other participants to share their feelings as well. I left the session feeling refreshed and empowered. Joda is an inspiration and I am ever so grateful to have her in my life. I hold her in the highest regard.

 –Corinna Henry

We are programmed, in a world of fix-it, make it happen, make it better and do it right, to define ourselves by our productivity. Joda reminded us that integrating our different selves, rather than pushing just a few aspects, is the key to an easier life. Having the power to define our priorities and motivate ourselves by reward was very valuable advice. To hear someone address this in a sincere and practical way was relevant and meaningful and it was obvious that Joda hit a nerve with the audience

Rita McDonald

Joda really got my attention when she addressed “the shoulds.” Would have, could have should have comes to my mind when I think of all the time I run off to play, volunteer or whatever takes up my time and fills my day. Yet still lingering are those projects that I do want to start, but seem too monumental to begin.

I liked the way Joda suggested that we change our way of thinking to focus on the reasons why we want to accomplish a task. In my case, going up to the attic which is filled to the brim with boxes of my daughter’s school work, books, and memorabilia, and sort out the stories and pictures she drew and make a book for her as a graduation gift. It would be a lovely thoughtful gift and a collection of her early works in case she becomes famous someday!

When my husband takes his next business trip I will think positive with one box at a time.

Ruth Glenn