Joda really got my attention when she addressed “the shoulds.” Would have, could have should have comes to my mind when I think of all the time I run off to play, volunteer or whatever takes up my time and fills my day. Yet still lingering are those projects that I do want to start, but seem too monumental to begin.

I liked the way Joda suggested that we change our way of thinking to focus on the reasons why we want to accomplish a task. In my case, going up to the attic which is filled to the brim with boxes of my daughter’s school work, books, and memorabilia, and sort out the stories and pictures she drew and make a book for her as a graduation gift. It would be a lovely thoughtful gift and a collection of her early works in case she becomes famous someday!

When my husband takes his next business trip I will think positive with one box at a time.

Ruth Glenn