Joda Coolidge is business savvy, smart as a whip, and deeply caring – she walks the rare line of genuine warmth and goal oriented, proven, tough love strategies.  And that’s not all – her best asset is her ability to inspire others by connecting with them where they’re at.  It is amazing what people can suddenly do when they feel deeply understood at the same time that they’re handed an easy to use tool.

I am in the field of nutrition.  Joda gave a workshop to my weight loss class members that focused on teaching skills for positive thinking, during which she brought in surprising recent research.  Her workshop included easy to remember tools for turning negative thoughts around as well as an exploration of the deeper issues underlying negative thoughts.  One 63 year old class member contacted me the following week to say she had written her deceased mother a letter and let go of some emotions that had been in her way for years.  Another younger class member told me he was “flipping” his negative thoughts and feeling much better – a technique he learned from Joda.

And there you have Joda’s problem solving range and the depth of her resources:  from simple problems of daily life to deeply embedded lifelong stumbling blocks.  I would recommend any business professional to have Joda work with your group for higher effectiveness and greater personal well-being.

BabetteNutritional Therapy Practitioner