The Art of Allowing Joy Speaking Engagement

Wow, you blew away all my expectations! My gratitude party was taken to a whole new level with your talk and conversation that ensued. You are one amazing woman!

My goal to thank my beautiful friends was reached in many ways thanks to you. I have heard back from so many with stories of how they “flipped” a situation, found beauty in 30 seconds of admiring something beautiful and just how on ” a high” they still are.

Some of my friends (the ones I least expected to open up to the woo-woo) were so open and divulged things I did not know after many years of friendship. They felt safe with the group and with you leading them. For that I am eternally grateful.

Candace S.

Happy Minds, Healthy Bodies

I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for your presentation last night. It was obvious the time and commitment you put into preparing. Your passion for the topic was felt strong and clear.

I know I am speaking for all of us present that it couldn’t have been a more prefect group. Each of us got so much out of your message, even though I’m guessing that we all took a slightly different piece to heart.

You could tell people were engaged as that was probably one of our longest classes. You had so much to share and we wanted to hear it all. I see another class in our future, if you are interested.

Please let us know how we can further your mission and spread the word about your amazing gift. Many, many thanks!

AnnDirector of Marketing and SalesNourish Market

The Happiness Advantage

Joda Coolidge is business savvy, smart as a whip, and deeply caring – she walks the rare line of genuine warmth and goal oriented, proven, tough love strategies.  And that’s not all – her best asset is her ability to inspire others by connecting with them where they’re at.  It is amazing what people can suddenly do when they feel deeply understood at the same time that they’re handed an easy to use tool.

I am in the field of nutrition.  Joda gave a workshop to my weight loss class members that focused on teaching skills for positive thinking, during which she brought in surprising recent research.  Her workshop included easy to remember tools for turning negative thoughts around as well as an exploration of the deeper issues underlying negative thoughts.  One 63 year old class member contacted me the following week to say she had written her deceased mother a letter and let go of some emotions that had been in her way for years.  Another younger class member told me he was “flipping” his negative thoughts and feeling much better – a technique he learned from Joda.

And there you have Joda’s problem solving range and the depth of her resources:  from simple problems of daily life to deeply embedded lifelong stumbling blocks.  I would recommend any business professional to have Joda work with your group for higher effectiveness and greater personal well-being.

BabetteNutritional Therapy Practitioner

Live Sense-sationally

I am so happy to have participated in two of Joda’s workshops. Live Sense-sationally helped me refocus on the simple things that can bring pleasure and peace. Let’s Get Juiced inspired me to resurrect my old juicer that hadn’t seen the light of day in about ten years. It still works beautifully and her recipes have my whole family drinking healthy and delicious concoctions. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge in such a fun and enlightening way!

Theresa Norton

Life Coaching

My life was one big paradox—running at 100 miles an hour, yet getting nowhere, overfed, yet undernourished, a destination in mind, but no concept of how to get there. So many elements were comingled, it was hard to tease them apart.

Joda helped me to quiet the buzz of the universe so I could hear my own wishes clearly, and then identify the behaviors and beliefs that were standing in my way. One by one, she is working with me to develop new ones that move me forward. Goals that seemed so complicated now feel within my reach. Thank you, Joda. I’m forever grateful.


I am grateful for your voice, which reminds me to maintain balance in my life. You have a gift for bringing people together- one that is greatly needed in this hectic world that we live in.


Pam Gambon

All Day Wellness Workshop with Dr.Mark Sivieri

As an attendee to Joda’s first wellness event I could not have been more impressed with quality of the day. The flow was perfect, from the valuable information that was shared so generously, to the healthy food and beverages I eagerly enjoyed. So much care was given to every detail, and each aspect allowed for an effortlessly flow of time well spent .Joda is truly a woman filled with the joy of healthy living and a deep commitment to becoming a partner with each person she coaches.

Dr. Carol Hoffman

Great Falls Friends & Neighbors Lunch

We are programmed, in a world of fix-it, make it happen, make it better and do it right, to define ourselves by our productivity. Joda reminded us that integrating our different selves, rather than pushing just a few aspects, is the key to an easier life. Having the power to define our priorities and motivate ourselves by reward was very valuable advice. To hear someone address this in a sincere and practical way was relevant and meaningful and it was obvious that Joda hit a nerve with the audience

Rita McDonald

Joda really got my attention when she addressed “the shoulds.” Would have, could have should have comes to my mind when I think of all the time I run off to play, volunteer or whatever takes up my time and fills my day. Yet still lingering are those projects that I do want to start, but seem too monumental to begin.

I liked the way Joda suggested that we change our way of thinking to focus on the reasons why we want to accomplish a task. In my case, going up to the attic which is filled to the brim with boxes of my daughter’s school work, books, and memorabilia, and sort out the stories and pictures she drew and make a book for her as a graduation gift. It would be a lovely thoughtful gift and a collection of her early works in case she becomes famous someday!

When my husband takes his next business trip I will think positive with one box at a time.

Ruth Glenn