One-on-One Coaching

Just as each individual’s needs and goals are unique, so are coaching programs.

This is why we’ll begin our work together with a get acquainted session. We’ll discuss what your issues are and identify how coaching can help you. It is as much for you to learn about me as it is for me to learn about you, so we schedule a free 20 minute session.

At the end of our session, if we decide to continue, we’ll put together a plan that will get you to your end goal.

Transitional Coaching

Three sessions (60 minutes each) designed for clients who have a specific area in their life that they would like to focus on changing. Ideally designed to work on that nagging feeling that something is out of balance or could feel better.

Three 60-minute sessions including email support.

Working on the Next Step

Are you making a life transition? New Career? Empty Nest? Relationship Change? Have you hit a fork in the road? The kids have left for college…  you’ve reached a plateau on the corporate ladder… you’ll be retiring at the end of the year…  you feel like you’ve put everyone and everything else first and you’re wondering how to get yourself back on the list?

This six week program is designed to help you take stock and get clarity around what is important to you and then take the action steps that lead you to living your life aligned with what is important and meaningful to you at a specific point in your life.

60-minute sessions and goal setting follow-up via email.

Single Session

Each session will be 60 minutes long.

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