Annual Best Friend Retreats

What is a Best Friend Retreat?

It’s simply the best investment you can make in Your Most Meaningful Relationships

Do you ever truly spend enough time with the truest friends in your life?

How often do we carve out the time to go away and enjoy the people we love the most…

  • Our Best Friends?
  • Our Sisters or Mom?
  • Our Daughters ?
  • Our Grown Children?
  • Our Spouse?

We all run non-stop in our busy, demanding lives. In fact, we barely find the time to take a breath much less carefully invest time in our relationships with those who know us the best and fill our souls with laughter.

Since quality time with our best friends doesn’t just happen, Best Friend Retreats were born as a way to mindfully create the necessary space in a perfect environment to spend unforgettable quality time with the most important people in our lives.

Best Friend Retreats are

  • Quality time shared with the people you love most
  • Travel experiences at world renowned spa destination properties
  • Designed for small, intimate groups of wonderful like-minded people
  • Complete with every detail taken care of from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave

Coordinating these retreats is a natural extension of something I’ve loved to do for a very long time. For over 20 years, I have created many unique upscale travel experiences for my friends and family, experiences they still recall fondly to this day. From the moment my loved ones would step off the plane to the moment they’d get back on it to head home, I took care of every last accommodation, meal, activity and detail to ensure everyone would enjoy a truly unforgettable trip.

My passion for designing such trips for the people I love planted the seed for my Best Friend Retreats-– travel experiences at the world’s most exclusive and discriminating spa destinations, shared with the people we love the most.

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