Joda Coolidge, Executive Life Coach

Joda Coolidge, M. Ed., CHHC

If you had one word to describe yourself what would it be?

For me it is a Connector.

During my childhood days of playing games like kick the can and four square, I was the kid who got everyone out of their house to meet in the back alley to play. It was so important to me that everyone was included and no one felt left out. It was crucial that each friend knew that being there mattered, so they felt valued and took joy in just being who they were.

Today, creating connections for my clients–in their relationships, their careers, their health and themselves– to lead them to a feeling of happiness and balance, is still the essence of who I am.

This work is where I find joy. It is how I live life happy. It’s an amazing journey. Come join me.


Background and Experience

In addition to her private practice, Joda Coolidge is the Director of Life Coaching at Nava Health & Vitality Center. She believes that anyone, through choice and action, can build a rich, full life marked by joy, engagement, and success. As a positive psychology coach, she helps people live their lives with purpose, in alignment with their beliefs and their own personal definition of success. She loves to take clients on a journey of self-discovery, challenges them to identify barriers, and works collaboratively to build a realistic, achievable plan of action.

Joda has a keen sense for helping clients identify what is out of alignment: career, family, meaning and purpose or relationships. With her extensive personal experience as a counselor, coach, social worker, marketing executive, and business owner, she is unusually qualified in this field. Applying life, business and positive psychology coaching skills, clients develop an integrated, balanced plan that guides them in making choices that, when executed, bring the joy and satisfaction in life that every one of us truly deserves.

Joda has been passionate about well-being and wellness for over 30 years. After nearly two decades as a corporate marketing executive, Joda returned to her true love and founded Live Life Happy Coaching and currently practices in Washington, DC. Joda earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Individual/Family Studies and her Graduate degree in Counseling from the University of Delaware. As a certified CTI and positive psychology coach, she has completed training through MBI, Inc. and received training from Gretchen Pisano of Sounding Board Ink, LLC, Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener of International Happiness, the Wholebeing Institute and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Additionally, she is a member of ICPA, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate and is in the process of receiving her certificate from Integrative Enneagram Solutions as well as the International Coaching Federation.

Joda’s own personal happiest moments are spent having time with her husband and four adult children, savoring a cup of oolong tea, feeling the joy of a long run, finding hidden gems when traveling, and listening to the stories of people’s lives.