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Why Coaching?

If you are asking yourself, “What do coaches do?” it is crucial to understand coaching helps individuals rediscover their strengths and talents while building on what is good in their lives right now. It also focuses on solutions and options, rather than dwelling on the past or problems. The benefits of coaching include improved self-confidence and motivation, enhanced communication skills, improved personal relationships, and better work-life balance.

Feeling accomplished and staying positive throughout life’s challenges can be beneficial to our mental health and even prevent future chronic disease while reducing stress. Coaching can help those searching to positively impact their life by developing a strategy to restore balance while creating new energy and focus.

Working with a coach will help you with visioning, planning, and taking strategic action to identify the professional and personal life path you want to follow.


Restore Balance


Clear Unhealthy Patterns

Strategic Action



Discover Your Passions


Achieve Your Goals

Common Questions…

How do I know if I should invest in a coach?

An effective coach will:

  • Listen carefully, partner with you, and provide an independent, objective perspective;
  • Help you clarify the issue(s) you are attempting to address;
  • Assist you in setting realistic and achievable goals;
  • Work with you to identify specific strategies and concrete actions that will increase the likelihood of achieving your goal(s);
  • Serve as an accountability partner to keep you on track.
What does an executive life coach do?
  • Ask probing questions to help clarify the issue(s) a client is trying to address;
  • Use their professional training and experience to help clients understand why they react the way do or make the choices they make;
  • Help identify the root cause(s) of issues a client is trying to address;
  • Provide an objective, independent sounding board to dispassionately respond to the situations and issues presented by a client;
  • Partner with clients to identify, explore and establish alternative approaches to deal with the identified issues;
  • Hold clients accountable for working towards their goals and taking positive steps towards achieving them;
  • Help clients prioritize actions that will improve the probability of goal achievement;
  • Make connections between behaviors and results; and
  • Provide resources and referrals as appropriate
Why work with an "executive" coach?
  • An executive life coach provides experience and a process that helps to “rewire” thoughts and behaviors that are keeping client stuck;
  • Experience suggests the probability of goal achievement increases when an objective accountability partner is involved in the process;
  • An effective coach will assist a client in becoming more self-aware, self -confident, more motivated, and a better communicator. This often results in improved personal and business relationships as well as enhanced work- life balance.
  • An effective coaching partnership increases the probability of the client achieving a feeling of accomplishment and confident in achieving the goals that help create the life they truly desire and deserve.
Why select me?
  • Over the past 10 years, I have built a strong track record of helping my clients achieve their goals;
  • I thoroughly enjoy partnering with my clients and seeing them take the steps necessary to achieve a more fulfilling life;
  • I have numerous clients who have reached back out to me after a long period of absence to engage me to work with them on other issue(s) they want to address; and
  • I have a tremendous amount of experience with both personal and professional issues, as well as the intersection of the two.


Joda Coolidge, M.ED., CPPC, CPCC

With her extensive personal experience as a counselor, coach, social worker, marketing executive, and business owner, Joda is uniquely qualified in her field. Applying her corporate experience and positive psychology coaching skills, she helps clients develop an integrated, balanced plan that guides them in making choices that bring the joy and satisfaction in life that every one of us truly deserves.


Joda has been passionate about work-life balance and well-being for over 30 years. After nearly two decades as a corporate marketing executive, Joda returned to her true love and founded Live Life Happy Coaching.

Joda earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Individual/Family Studies and her Graduate degree in Counseling from the University of Delaware. As a certified CTI and positive psychology coach, she has completed training through MBI, Inc. and received training from Gretchen Pisano of Sounding Board Ink, LLC, Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener of International Happiness, and the Wholebeing Institute.

Joda’s own personal happiest moments are spent having time with her husband and four adult children, savoring a cup of oolong tea, feeling the joy of a long run, finding hidden gems when traveling, and listening to the stories of people’s lives.

Joda Coolidge

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Clients are saying…

Working with Joda is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and has changed my life in several positive ways. I have worked with a handful of coaches over recent years and had high expectations coming into our work. I’ve been blown away by how much I’ve learned in a relatively short period of time. Each session I’ve come away with insights spanning career and life, and ranging from logical and intellectual to deeply personal. Joda’s talent for navigating all of these levels and meeting me wherever I am is remarkable and makes the difference. But what I find most special is just how fun and motivating working with Joda is. Her ability to help me see things in myself through such a positive yet honest lens inspires and motivates me to keep learning and exploring with a level of enthusiasm I’ve never felt before.

Matt J.

Joda’s wide-ranging expertise, profound empathy and steadfast encouragement have fueled my efforts to pierce a dense fog of frustration, stagnation, and inconsistency. Her strategies and tools have helped me recognize and overcome fears, blind spots, energy drains, self-deceptions, and unproductive patterns. With her guidance, I’ve established success rituals and a positive rhythm, discovered and reclaimed creative passions, redefined my higher purpose, and enacted a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly action agenda with confidence and precision. Joda’s stellar reputation and performance speaks for itself. She masterfully blends a lifetime of expert insight with deep intellectual curiosity, empathic listening, thought-provoking inquiry, warmth, wisdom and good humor.
Yes… Joda Rocks!

W. Leighton H.

Joda is an incredible life and career coach. She is thoughtful and extremely perceptive. She crafts each session and longer term plan around what her clients want to accomplish in life and at work. She has a unique ability to ask the perfect questions to get you thinking in ways you wouldn’t normally and pushes you out of your comfort zone. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Christopher G.

There are moments in life when we need tools to face upcoming difficult moments. Joda supported the changes I was facing, with practical and positive coaching for both my emotional and professional life. It has been one of the most empowering and strong moments in my life. Joda was on my corner providing warm and smart advice, I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with Joda and have recommended her expertise to my loved ones.

Dani P.


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