The Ice Cream Sundae

I can still remember these trips like they happened yesterday. When our parents decided it was time for the family to enjoy a big treat, all five of us kids piled into the car and drove out to the Pensupreme Ice Cream Parlor in Shillington, Pennsylvania. The anticipation was just as thick as you might expect My mouth watered in the car just imagining what I was about to witness: the worker behind the counter creating the most amazing ice {Read More}

The Turtle

Years ago, when I was a counselor serving children of divorced families, one young man I worked with stood out. I adored Devin, and as is typical of many children where the parents are in conflict with one another, he felt so torn between the two. He always felt the need to hide his true feelings from both of them. During one of our sessions, I decided to reach into my play therapist bag of tools intended to help kids {Read More}

Spa Journey

Working a busy job, raising my children, and looking after my husband. It was nearly a decade ago when I was in the thick of a lifestyle that is so familiar to so many women. Juggling all the responsibilities in my life at that time was challenging, but it was what I’d become accustomed to. There came a time when I knew deep in my heart that it was time for a break in my routine, a reset for my {Read More}

The Connection

We all have certain snapshots of our childhoods that take root in our minds There are moments in time that just seem to capture the essence of what life was like for us – or at least how it seemed life was like for us – in those years when we are first discovering who we are. One poignant snapshot for me is a bit of a blur, as the image was framed as I was eagerly running through the {Read More}

What’s on your joy list?

I have recently rediscovered a long dormant passion: I love to sing. That doesn’t mean others love that I sing, but I surely do.  In the car, around the house, whenever the spirit moves me, I break out in song – often surprising anyone within earshot, especially my teenage son. No matter what mood I am in when I start, singing always lifts my spirits higher. It fills me with joy and allows me to be totally present with the {Read More}